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#1  Community For Data Professionals

A free online platform for data-driven individuals to connect, share ideas, and grow in their journey.





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DataTech Space (DTS)

is a free online community

Exclusive to individuals with interest in any data-related field regardless of their skill level. This community was founded to provide a support system for budding data enthusiasts so they can connect with their peers and experienced professionals.

What's in it for You?

Grow In Your Data Journey With Our Community

Join our free online community of fellow Data enthusiasts, share and develop your Data (Analytics, Science or Engineering), Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence project ideas, get real time assistance from your peers and experts.

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Get Help with your Code

Having trouble getting your R/Python code to work? Share your code snippets with data buddies via GitHub or screenshots and get prompt assistance.

Get Learning Resources, Tips & Guides

We provide resources, links to tested & trusted courses, other free materials and easy-to-use coding guides to fast track your data journey.

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Get paired with Data Mentors & Buddies

Are you looking to mentor aspiring data enthusiasts or want to get paired up with a data mentor, you are definitely in the right place.

What you should know about DTS

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Start your Data
Journey today
with DTS.
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