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Do I need to pay to join DataTech Space?
No, DTS is a free online community. You do not need to pay a dime to join us.

Where do I sign up to join DataTech Space?
Use this link to fill the SIGN UP form by entering your information.

How do I join DataTech Space Discord Server?

You have to go through the 4 steps in our Membership process before you can join us on Discord.

Please click to read our DTS Membership process HERE.

I signed up using the Registration Form. What next?

We will verify your information and revert. We accept new intakes to our Discord Server monthly. This usually happens from the 15th to 20th of each month. Follow our social media pages for updates so you don't miss out on the next intake cycle.

Can DTS help me get a job as a Data Professional?

DTS is not a "recruitment" agency, however, we will provide you with job leads and guides to help you ace data-related interviews. Our community also includes experienced data professionals who can help provide additional guidance in your job search.

I have no Data experience, can I join DTS?

Absolutely, DTS was founded to get people more interested in the field of data. You will have access to all necessary tools and guides to get started on your journey. All we ask is your commitment in developing your data skill set.

What Platform do I use to interact with other DataTech Space members?

For regular communication, we will be making use of our Discord Server. You will get the link to the Discord Server once you register and are approved as a DTS Member.

For DTS Community discussions and to share knowledge on LinkedIn hacks, Job Interview prep, Building a great Tech portfolio and Resume reviews, we make use of either the Discord Server Voice Channel or Private Zoom meeting rooms while for Webinars, we make use of Zoom or Google Meet. We strongly advise that you have these apps downloaded on your computer for a better experience.

How do I get people to review my Code on DataTech Space?

All you need is a GitHub account where you can create a repository and share the link to other members on the Discord Server. You can also share a snapshot of the code to the Discord Server as well. Be rest assured that you will get swift responses.

Do I need to get a Personal Coach to learn any Data field?

No, you do not need a personal coach. You can learn using online self-paced resources. However, we will be making this option available in the future for aspiring data professionals who need one-on-one private sessions and direct access to our team of experts.

Can I get a Mentor from DataTech Space?

Yes, you can. DTS will pair you up with mentors free of charge as long as there are available mentors. For personal sessions with our team of experts, we will be making that option available in the future.

How does my organisation collaborate with DataTech Space?

We are open to industry collaborations. Please fill our Contact Us form and a member of the team will reply within 24 hours.

I am an experienced data professional, how do I mentor aspiring data professionals?

You can join our Mentorship program by first completing the Registration form. Once you complete the Registration form, we will verify your information after which you will be sent a link to complete the DTS Membership form. In there, you will find the option to "Become a Mentor".  We will assign you a mentee of your choice after you indicate interest. Please contact us if you have further enquiries on this process.

How long does it take to learn any data field before I am “job-ready”?

First, you must realise that becoming skilled in any field is a journey. Even experienced professionals learn new things daily. Depending on your time commitment and ability to grasp new concepts, you can be job ready in 3 - 6 months.


Our DTS founder started building awesome data projects after 3 months of taking online courses. Your job readiness solely depends on your commitment to your data journey and we are here to help you realise your dream.​

What do I need to get started in the field of data?

You have to be curious, have a passion for working with data, discipline, a chosen career track (Data Science or Data Analytics or Data Engineering or Machine Learning etc.), a functioning computer with the relevant software/tools installed for your chosen data track.

For more information, see the links to the Data Science Track and Data Analytics Track. We have more Data tracks coming soon.

How easy is it to switch careers to Data Science / Analytics?

It is quite easy to switch careers with your interest and dedication in improving your skill set. Firstly, we do not advise you to quit your job if you do not have the required skill set displayed on the Tracks section of our website. Start small by building the required skills while on your current job and work on projects. 

However, if you have the luxury to take time off to learn these skills, you can do so. One of the DTS team members practiced Engineering for 4 years before switching careers. There are others who studied courses like Languages or Philosophy who are equally thriving as data professionals.

Can I add DataTech Space to my LinkedIn Profile?

Yes you can add it using the guideline below;

For Mentors 

Simply select “Add Volunteer Experience” section at the top of your LinkedIn Profile

Title: Mentor

Organization Name: DataTech Space


For Community Members 

Simply select “Add Volunteer Experience” section at the top of your LinkedIn Profile

Title: Member

Organization Name: DataTech Space